Plastic Disposable Clear Boxes for Food Cake Size- 205 x 100 x 45mm

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Plastic Disposable Clear Boxes For Food, Cake
Discover the ultimate solution for your cake storage and transport needs with our brand-new Cake Container by Cake Boxes. Designed to cater to the utmost convenience, this cake container ensures your baked creations stay fresh and intact on any journey.


BPA-Free: Prioritising your health and safety, our cake container is made from BPA-free plastic, ensuring no harmful chemicals come in contact with your food.
Crystal Clear: The clear colour of the container offers a transparent view of the contents, making it perfect for showcasing your cakes while keeping them protected.
Perfect Size: With dimensions of 240mm in length, 140mm in width, and 55mm in height, this square-shaped container is ideal for a variety of cake sizes.
Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality plastic, the container is designed to be robust and long-lasting, safeguarding your cakes from external pressures.
Convenient Lid: Each container comes equipped with a lid, ensuring your cakes remain secure and sanitary during transport or while on display.
Versatile Use: Whether for home bakers or professional patisseries, this cake container is versatile enough to meet all your cake storage and transport needs.
Elevate the presentation and safety of your cakes with our Cake Container by Cake Boxes. Perfect for both personal and professional use, this container blends functionality with style, making it an essential addition to your baking essentials. Order now to ensure your cakes are always served fresh and in style.

Food-Safe Materials
Hinged Domed Lid

SIZE: 240mm x 140mm x 50mm

CAKE SIZE: 205mm x 100mm x 45mm

Not for use in microwave

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